Pembroke Asset Management LLP


The financial planning process identifies the proportion of each client's assets that can be invested in equity markets for the long term future. The client can select which of the services listed below they want to use.  We use pooled funds (Unit Trusts and OEICs) as the principal investment vehicles.

Investment in Unit Trusts can be done by means of an Advisory Portfolio for which the investments are arranged in the clients’ names, or through a Discretionary Portfolio whereby we hold investments for the clients as nominees and manage the Portfolio on a discretionary basis. Discretionary management is also available for pension funds.  

We also operate a selection of risk-graded model portfolios utilising the Standard Life Wrap platform.

Advisory Portfolios

When the investments are held directly by the client we review the Portfolio on a six monthly or annual basis, sending a valuation to the client together with commentary and recommendations when appropriate.

Discretionary Portfolios

The discretionary investment service is called the Pembroke Unit Trust Portfolio Management Service.

The advantages of using the Discretionary Portfolio are as follows:

The Portfolio can be switched at our discretion with the minimum of formality to take advantage of changing market conditions.  This means that we can change the Portfolio without advising you first, although we will always tell you immediately after any change has been made.

Discounts are offered on the initial fees for large investments into the portfolio.

No charges are made when the Portfolio is varied, which makes this a cost-efficient way of managing a Portfolio.

The use of a Deposit Account within the Portfolio allows us to convert the irregular flow of interest and dividends into a regular flow of monthly payments into your Current Account.

The income tax administration is straightforward as we will produce a Consolidated Dividend statement at the end of the tax year listing all the dividends on a single sheet.

Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)

It is now possible for clients with large pension funds to set up a SIPP.   

These have the advantage that the charges will be lower than for a normal pension fund arranged with an insurance company.

They also allow total investment control, and clients can invest in a Pembroke Discretionary Unit Trust Portfolio within their pension funds.

It is now possible to postpone the purchase of an annuity by means of income drawdown, and in some cases to avoid purchasing one altogether.  This allows the opportunity of gaining a greater return from the pension fund.